Saturday, September 12, 2009

When good is bad... Why so much hate can come from so much love?

"Please take your medication.
Eat your vegetable.
You sing so well.
Wow! You speak many languages.
Where are you?"

These remarks, like many others, can come from all the right premises.


Most times, it can become BAD and HATRED.


When a person who loves you and possibly whom you love wants to show their love when you are ill asks you to take your medication, sometimes, most times, in your agitated manner or the sign of the state, comes drastic unneccessary reply of 'You think I can't take care of myself?'; 'Stop nagging!", 'I am NOT a baby!' and so on.

When a colleague can sing well or speaks many different languages, you may think he or she is a threat to your fiefdom of what you think you do best; rather than celebrate in the enjoyment of a good rendition or the glory of pride in what a friend can do.

When you are late for dinner, 'WHERE ARE YOU?' becomes an insult although your parents have heard the news of a 5 car pile up on the highway you are on and worried that you may be dead will always be met by verbal or mental utterations of 'Aiyo! I am on my way la. You think I dont need to work is it?' or something along those lines.


Why can so much hate be a result of so much love?

If you are looking for an answer, I have none to offer.
I myself falls victim to this 'disease' that threatens the fabric of our being.

Is it incurable?

Well, if we leave it alone,it will consume you.

I now take a 3 breaths plus positive thinking approach to the problem.
And before it is too late.

Why 3 breaths?

Because in the nature of my fire-ry disposition and the curse of directness, my 'love' can be also be interpreted as hatred. What I mean good can be bad.

3 breaths is a place holder for the time I can put what I want to express - usually negative and with a tone to accompany it - into something less prickly to not just the ears but to the heart.

This entry aims to seek more intelligent answers to this question that may result in separation although still very much in love; subversion of a colleague although collaboration for joint success should be the way; or simply achieving happiness together by expressing love in the right way, manner and tone.

Another thing, do not hold back the sharing of happiness cause life is too short and unpredictable.

You may not have a chance. And that is the ultimate regret. For all.