Thursday, August 13, 2009

When personal inadequacies become someone else's problem

Day in day out we see different interpretations of the same incidence producing different perspectives because of the observers' personal experiences.

Not right.
Not wrong.
Just different.

However, many of these interpretations become a problem - usually for other people - because of the observer's insecurity and bias.

The real question is why make your own shortcomings someone else's problem?

The answer is awareness, acknowledgment, acceptance - or the lack of it.

Many a times, the person is not even aware that he/she has made it someone else's problem.
And sometimes, eventhough he/she is aware of it, refuses to acknowledge that it is a problem.
And worse, hard headed stubbornness prevents one from accepting that he/she is the problem.
And what follows in amendment to advance totally is dust to the wind!

Many is blinded by arrogance and numbed by insecurity to see all this.

And the lowest hanging fruit or easiest way is to blame it on others.
It immediately no longer is their problem.

In the hierachical world, whether corporations or community, this has become a disease.
Sometimes it even brings an incentive like paying millions to CEOs who cannot perform to leave.
That does not only bewilders me but also bother me like hell.

However, it remains the easiest way to transfer one's shortcoming to another and make it their problem.

What these people does not understand is that the world is getting smarter, people are having more choices, and they have the opportunity to not choose them anymore.

So wake up you insecure pitiful people.

Learn not to blame.
Learn to embrace.
Learn to appreciate.
Learn to be humble and in so doing become great!

Monday, August 10, 2009

As I was passing... these 47 years!

Many celebrates the date when they come into this world...
Many does not have a chance to celebrate it...
Many may not have a chance to celebrate the next...
Yet many hate to know that another is coming.

Whatever it may be, it is not something that is within your control...
And I do not mean the cake nor the decorations!

Birthdays... why is it of such significance to our life... long or short?

Is it a countdown to death or a count-up to living?

Birthdays I believe, was created to denote a coming of ...

Life - during times when living pass your first year was a miracle;
Success - when you have made it... and you have lots of people whom admire you and look up to you;
Seniority - when you now sit, rather than stand at ceremonies;
Demonstration of love - by your family and friends;
Pain - of older and less healthy age and independence.

Life, as it is, is a continuum .. of course until the day that it is terminated.

Therefore birthdays should be celebrated based on level of happiness and to have health to enjoy it.

Birthdays therefore should be celebrated everyday.. to give thanks to what we have and what we can give; that we can love someone who loves us back, and to have yet another chance to live our life the way we want to and not just being alive.

Birthdays should include moments of quiet reflection upon the years you have chalked up, moments to speak to yourself which we do so little these days; moments to be aware of your past, acknowledge your good, bad and ugly; accept your failures; amend to do better and then advance to being a happier person to spread joy by making others happy!

Now that is a birthday worth celebrating, everyday, no matter how long or short one lives.

Therefore birthdays, like lives, are not about the passage of time and the wrinkling of skin but the way one lives it as you enjoy a smooth and happy ride through the experiences of life!