Saturday, November 1, 2008

2 weeks and it feels like 2 months

2 weeks and it feels like 2 months
2 weeks ago at about now, I landed here to start my new chapter.

Little did I know that these 2 weeks is what the baby next to me in the plane has summarised in his behavior throughout the 6 hour journey - cry in vain, smile into space, laugh stupidly, look stressfully and blank!

Telling my boss yesterday that these 2 weeks felt like 2 months and her reply was that I am 4 times more productive! Do the math!

Thanks to the IP technology, I have been able to talk to my family and good friends as a nightly-rush home- connect computer-fire up messenger affair. Although the connection sometimes fail us or gets extremely noisy, we know in our hearts that our love for one another and our care comes through loud and clear.

China is different. Everything is on a pre-paid basis. One has to change one's mindset to cater for pre-paid electricity, pre-paid gas, the same way you may be used to pre-paid phones!

It is therefore a land of frustration, or a land of opportunity? It is possibly the only opportunity one has in a lifetime to turn back the clock, armed with the knowledge of how to get to the future when you somehow have landed in the past. However, the speed of this past getting back to the future is hurried by at least 100 folds of the normal cycle. So teach fast, earn the trust and may the future be with you.

The pain of separation from love ones does not this intensity lessen. It is tough. The electronic board at the entry of the 4th ring road countdown to the Olympics which reads 782 days or so is a clear reminder of the number of days I have to be away from my true loves. As the clock ticks away, I am confident that the eagerness to get home will as well, but I am also very sure the intensity to see my family will become more and more.

To pass judgement of whether I like Beijing at this juncture is premature and unfair. But unfair I will be. If I am a sponge, I would be glad to absorb all aound me. If I have a choice, this sponge would be happiest when the family he loves is here with him. So, the only conclusion is I don't hate it, I don't completely love it but to say I simply don't know it and have made a choice to discover it and it better be worth all our heartaches and pain!

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