Saturday, November 1, 2008

Will another $700 billion buy confidence?

Will another $700 billion buy confidence?

Looking at the result of what greed has produced in the US, it is but one of the more dramatic turn of the passion for greed in the world. Living off borrowed resources and eroding trust and confidence in each other. We are all at fault. We are therefore all at risk.

The world has seen many a downturn with the false hope that 'it will not happen to me'. It may be called a human survival instinct to be hopeful but as adults, we bear the consequences. However, this result will become an 'heirloom' that we pass on to the next generation, worldwide.

The $700 billion bailout, rescue pack, whatever you may wish to call it in positioning it the right way and the right time, is nontheless a testament of nothing more than the result of selfishness and greed.

A friend asked on his Facebook -- Will another $700 billion be enough?

Well, you can excite the market - that is not even happening looking at an all RED report card today - for a while. The key end-in-mind here is that the capital of confidence has been eroded to dangerous level.

Whether in relationship of whatever kind, it is at the end of the day not the action of loving, not the action of investing, nor the action of killing, that matters. It is the end-in-mind of achieving CONFIDENCE.

When cheated by your spouse, what do you go on if not the confidence that he or she will not stray again? When bnakrupted by a financial meltdown, what do you rely on if not the confidence that it will rise again?
In going to school, it is not the learning that matters, it is gaining the confidence of having a good life, delivered by a good job.

Our confidence is tested daily. It gets boosted or eroded based on what happens around us, to us.

Without confidence in doing what you are doing, it might as well be lving a life of despair and undirected.

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