Saturday, November 1, 2008

A heart missing a soul

A heart missing a soul
Many a times many people have many great ideas about doing many things to many people who does not have as many great ideas. However, many of these great ideas comes from great intent but without relevancy to why it should happen. Or it happens because it is a checklist, or someone asked them to or simply because many people are doing it. Many such ideas end up in the many graveyards of great ideas because no one knows how to derive benefit from it as it started without an end-in-mind that is right, resulting in activities without a cause. Or worse, for the wrong cause.

Take donating for example.

How many times did you donate because a tin was sholved into your face during some flag day or by kidney foundations or simply to ask for money. The intend of many of these school kids was to fulfill a EC (extra-curricular) requirements checklist. Many do not know what they are asking donation for. The donor most times just do it because they want to get the irritant (read the student) out of their face or because people are watching. Eventhough the end-in-mind is to collect money, the real question is did we do it with that intend to help?

Sitting with a dear friend at lunch today, we revisited the tsunami exercise last year where many people dump err donated their clothes etc to help the victims. My friend was saying that as she was sorting through the donations, she found soiled underwear, expired medicine, used diapers as well as skateboards, bikini, high heels, and even tennis racquets.

I think many figured that donating means giving away what you do NOT want (defined as dumping!) and those poor naked souls in Aceh can walk around in soiled underwear with the high heels on tow sipping expired cough syrup while chasing after neighbours in bikini riding into the sunset on the skateboards!

The act of giving must be from the heart. But more improtantly, it must bear a soul for what we are doing is not just for them, but most times more for us!

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