Saturday, November 1, 2008

My 1st week in Beijing and counting (circa June 2006)

My 1st week in Beijing and counting
Yesterday marked the first week I came to this ancient city where history was created, and continued to me created, and of what myths are based.

My life has been filled with comings and goings. Having lived in cities like Toronto, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and now Beijing, many people would assume that this new city will be another of my conquest, a piece of cake, easy. Well, as one progresses in age, and in the deepening of love, one asks if it takes age to teach one new things about matters of the heart? Does it take goings to make whatever that is coming more meaningful?

This time, I certainly did not come to Beijing the same way I arrived in the other cities. I come here with such heavy heart that it makes the sinking of the Titanic a child's play. My leaving of the one I love, the half of the one we have been for the last 8 years, is a feeling I do not wish to curse onto my worst enemies. My family which I am used to 'leaving' is also tough to leave. I did all that in the name of advancing a career and frankly, in need of a role in a company I love. Does one therefore have to come this far to understand the matters so close to one's heart?

So my first week ... thanks to a good friend who have been most helpful, my entry into the great wall surrounded fort is made easier. The processes that one goes through, the youthfulness of ideas does not make things more palatable. But as the Chinese say, whereever there is challenges, there is opportunity. Well, I will use this challenge to also make myself a better spouse and a better son and brother.

I found my apartment in record time - 2 days after 15 viewings. You can see it at to appreciate what I will be moving into in the next hour. My friend, whom I dedicate this piece to, has been most helpful. Yesterday, I went shopping for things, not without frustration. A friend's friend who did not admit he does not know Beijing well enough took me for a Y70 taxi ride and with nothing in hand to show. Then comes items displayed in one of the four Carrefour in Beijing were either unavailable or incomplete. Turining challenges into opportunity, we bought some stuff and began furnishing the rather empty apartment. Another helpful friend came to bring me to the best meal I had in Beijing for a week. The night ended with my friend's return from Sanya to console my soul and heart.

Today begins a new chapter where I now are going to be more alone in my new found loneliness, staying by myself. Just as I begin to decorate and fill up my apartment with new things, I hope that this city will fill me with the joy of learning new things, cherish the old ones, live the past and look forward to the future.

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