Saturday, November 1, 2008

Confrontation as a way of life

Confrontation as a way of life
I went out to dinner with a good friend of mine last night and we spent a short moment pondering over what I am like, as a gift from her to me, so to speak.

The topic was that I hate confrontation.

As we begin to err.. confront the topic of confrontation, or the lack of it, it became apparent the world has somewhat evolved into a world that you are deemed engaged only if you confront.

Well, for a person who embraces things and then make it better, rather than confronts stuff and ends up with just arguments, it was indeed a rather interesting front to be facing.

So, is confronting something the only way? Embracing and helping people realize their position, right or wrong or right and wrong, could be more rewarding and yes, takes more time.

As we rush around from one confrontation to another, starting arguments after arguments, and attempting to solve one thing and starting another five, is it worth it?

And where are we rushing to? And to do what?

Isn't it all about making everybody happier and have a more enjoyable life?

As I begin to arrest the demon in me and embrace the value of confrontations, maybe the truth lies in the ability to draw the line. The line that divides what and who we confront and embrace.


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