Saturday, November 1, 2008

My cut on MyKad

My cut on MyKad
Multimedia Super Corridor has been a dream since the start of this century for Malaysia to trnasform itself from its otherwise perceived laid-back 'tidak apa' attitude nation to one that leads the world in not just ICT but ICT implementation.

When MyKad - the one Malaysian one card - concept was mooted as a flagship application back then, many people pooed pooed the idea, especially Malaysians.

Today, I became the proud owner of my very own MyKad.

As the first Business Development Manager for the first Multimedia Super Corridor-status company in Malaysia, it indeed embodies within it a very different meaning for me. MyKad's function include driving license details. Touch&Go facility, banking details etc. Beyond that it encapsulated a dream that was almost made impossible by its own lack of confidence and pride that Malaysia can pull it off.

I am proud to have been a very small part of it at its inception.

With MyKad, even the counter ladies who serve the eager public is smiling. So are the people being served.

Maybe it takes a Kad like this to change not just the functionality that is empowered by ICT, but the image of a nation that has just re-discovered that it can smile, yet again

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