Saturday, November 1, 2008

Should all (fill in the blanks with the appropriate feelings) be forgot ...

Should all (fill in the blanks with the appropriate feelings) be forgot ...
2005 ... sigh!

Another year has come and gone and all we are left with is just memories! The good, the bad and the ugly!

2005 for me has been a 'annus horribilis' - a year started with hope of a brand new career with it ending to see the start of another brand new career. Maybe it is not as horrible after all!

My point is - many 'blamed' it on the will of God, to the lack of view of 'the whole picture', or simply some superstition that caused their time to be less than perfect as they wanted.

Well, all I can say is God wanted me to be here still writing this, the whole picture is being understood piece by piece, and I have become more realistic and less arrogant in expecting what I have known to expect. Hmmm.. does not sound and feel that bad after all.

Imagine, we could be in Acheh without a roof over our head, be the guy who was at the prime of his life and got smashed by falling concrete slab from 20 floors above, or simply the richest man with the poorest of feelings. Which is worse?

2005 has been a humbling year for me. To need to learn to tolerate viciousness, to learn to accept what is outside my comfort zone (read DEFEAT), to feel poor after shaking hands with the richest man twice within a month, and to feel somewhat lonesome when I am loved by the people I love.

That is all, within the next 55 minutes, be in the PAST!

Call it an excuse to start a logical continuous time line with a punctuated physical division called a YEAR. Call it a reason to restart the passion and embody the soul of a fighter. Call it a fresh mandate to be charitable, be kind and be humane. Call it whatever. Just call it a NEW beginning, the dawn of a new era - as cliche as it may sound - call it HOPE.

2006, as the sms'es rings it the promises and the great wishes. Wishing HAPPINESS when one is unsure if it does bring that.

2006 will be to me a year that 'I' - singualrly - will pronounce a year of RETURN. Return to the roots of love, to the roots of humility to the roots of happiness. A year to celebrate great love of family, a year to cherish old friends and cultivate new ones, a year that I will fully realize my full potential as a being, human; humanly and humane.

I will plot 2006 as a mark to conquer all. A year to love and be loved.

As I begin to pen down thoughts of the ideas for my 2 books - 'Through the kaleidascope of a teardrop' and 'The 2 bucket system' - 2006 will feature well in them.

So, I will not begin to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR but to bid you a BLESSED BEGINNING to all that you aspire to do; hope to love; dare to dream and most of all care to contribute.

2005 - goodbye. Thanks for the lessons. And good riddance.

2006 - smile, strive to be happy, aim to be humble, plan to be successful

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