Saturday, November 1, 2008

A smelly escapade!

A smelly escapade!
What started off as a pleasant morning turned out to be an interesting escape to Bintan (not for the 'chicken'). First, my god-son threw up all over me after a night of fever. That begins a day of smelly adventure.

Upon arriving at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, I managed to walk around to clear my nostrils of the overnight cuddled milk stench when I chanced upon a couple - late 30s I suppose - shouting at one another.

Apparently, the wife caught the husband walking into the ferry terminal with another woman. What an ambush! And you think they are just simple minded housewives! He denied it verhemently saying that it was by chance a woman is walking beside him (ya, try again!). That is when the swearing started and it got to a descriptive stage of body parts and progressed onto the aroma of it all!

One has to at this stage be bemused by it all as nothing else can be done.

The lady - if she can be called that as she clearly demonstrated that she is definitely not one - proceeded to 'lelong' the husband as a gift to anyone who wants him. Her marketing prowess was put to (good) use, presenting his viagra-based anatomy in its whole 9 yards (or inches) for the world to get excited over!

All these and before the boarding time of the ferry at 8.30 am!

It certainly was an exciting start to my day - smelly nonetheless - and it is not just about my god-son's puke!

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