Saturday, November 1, 2008

You do not know what heaven is till you have been to hell

You do not know what heaven is till you have been to hell
Many a times, the grass always seemed greener on the other side of the septic tank! What one has is never treasured until you no longer have it. Cliche but true.

In my almost 22 years of career life, I have worked with many companies, mostly big but also some not so. When I leave from one company to another, it has always to fulfill a certain dream.

When one ages, it seems these dreams are fewer and further apart. Whether this is owing to the psyche that age brings, or simply a body function that has slowed down, or simply contended and god forbid complacent. These somehow blunts the dreams and sharpens the pain of experiences.

I have been very lucky in my endeavours. I have managed to make friends while I make business. It is these friends that in my days of need come to my support without any expectation, except to see me happy.

My experiences in all these companies have mostly been good but there has been a few slumps as well. I take these in good strides as lessons but nonetheless the anxiety of the failure still drives pain and hopelessness.

So, when you next have a reason to complain, look for a reason to celebrate. Remember, the reason to stay in a role is to learn, contribute and to have fun doing these. Also remember that you can use the same energy for bitching to find a solution that will make your hell a bit of a heaven that you may never know is there, unless you try to find it.

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