Saturday, November 1, 2008

Service or just lip synching script?

Service or just lip synching script?
As our 40-year old nation strives to become the hub of everything possible, the promise of better service may be missing a soul.

I have encountered many such situations; from fast-food joints, through financial institutions, to travel agencies. Most recently, from a bank, which I was told that I belong to one of their elite customer base.

I called the bank exclusive telephone customer service helpline to enquire about why they have added my last month's bill to this month's total when I am on GIRO.

To begin with, the customer service rep did not ask me for my details when I told him I wanted to enquire about the outstanding amount. I had to volunteer it. Upon checking, he told me, no less than 5 times, that the bank ran a promotion that they did not activate GIRO payment as an offer to 'extend' our payment period. To this, I asked if we, the clients, were consulted. It is to the question came the same answer - albeit in a higher and higher stressful pitch - that it was a promotion. I believe he was reading a well rehearsed script without providing an answer. He was merely going through the motion without achieving the end-in-mind of a solution.

He finally succumbed to my repeated explanation that I was not consulted, to reluctantly and without apology, say that he will take note of this for future promotion. (Now whether he will or not is anyone's guess)

So, if we are to provide service as a differentiating factor to other nations, we better know what we are promising and be able to live up to it.

No more puppet show please!

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